You Think It, We Build It

You Think It, We’ll Build It Here at McCourts Solutions Limited, we are specialists in creating solutions for your bespoke ideas. Have you ever thought of something you would like but no idea where to start or create what is in your own mind? We can help you get your project off the ground. Whether it be a conversion of a room in your house to building a fully functional bar in your garden, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Custom lighting, Security, Pools, Home automation, Custom conservatories, Outbuildings, attached buildings, Electronics, Fully integrated systems, the list is endless, in other words if you can think it we can build it We want you to think outside of the box, don’t think of regular bathrooms or kitchens, we think it should be unique think of lighting, heating, audio and even TV’s in these rooms. Fully functional bar in your garden including beer pumps, jukebox, pool table, dartboard, TV’s/Projectors. Bespoke barbeque area with running water sink, fridges Everything we do will start from your idea and in discussion we can play with different things until you are happy. We will suggest possible improvements that you might want to incorporate into your idea but not push you to it, after all this is YOUR idea and should be exactly how you want it We recently had a customer that had an idea he wanted an antique chandelier is his clubs reception. Now the ceiling was very low that if it was installed on the ceiling it would’ve been touched by everyone, He wanted it higher and had the idea to cut away the ceiling, he thought that the whole ceiling would have to be cut away but after some discussions about what he really wanted we decided to strengthen the ceiling and proceed to cut out a perfect circle designed just for the chandelier. We needed to also build something above the ceiling so that no one was looking at the roof and to hold the chandelier. So, a frame was made to conceal the loft space which was then mirror tiled to create more reflections of this amazing chandelier. This started with just a chandelier then ended up being a showpiece with just a simple conversation and an idea. If you would like to see this in person then the clubs name is Blake’s and located in Queen street, Gravesend, Kent . Where you can also see other custom works created there from building works to custom wallpaper